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Industry Standard Computers
St. Clairsville, Ohio
(740) 695-1520
Lowest labor rates in the area $25 shop, $40 outside.
37 Years In Business - 37 Years Experience with Computers - 32 Years with Networks & Security

The oldest system builder in the area, maybe in the state! 
In the past 37 years, we have watched over 100 area computer businesses go under, many national chains, and we are still here.

IF you read nothing on this web site read this SCAM ALERT.

IF you have NOT upgraded to Windows 10 - do it now! Windows 11 you can wait.

Our Newest Leased Firewall System is here; tired of malware, viruses, and advertising infecting your computers. We have the solution... call us today. Our new system protects you from 1.7 million websites that want to put garbage on your computer!

Got Guts?  to check out your present IT department or subcontractor? to really know if you can survive disaster?
Take our 3 simple tests: How Safe are you? . Network Test . Backups Test

ISC, the best solution for custom built computers and small business perimeter security in the area. If you are a Business with 5+ computers and want 99% of your Internet problems to go away... click here.

Humor (not really)... Thinking about a Dell or the worst of the worst HP/Compaq or the close second Acer/Gateway/Emachine?
See our uses for them.

Meet their Tech Support Department.

Is the following what you are looking for in a new computer?  If so click here.
  • I  want a computer to surf the Internet, a lot of email, download music, play a few games, use it for digital photos, burn CD's & DVD's, word processing, some simple accounting and spreadsheets? 
  • I don't need the absolute fastest but I don't want to replace the computer in 2 years either. 
  • I want a new computer not a rebuilt or discontinued item like those sold at the office or big chain stores where they let us 'assume' are new.
  • What do you all recommend with your years of experience? How much? When can I take delivery?

Custom Built Computer Price List ISC Customers Only Area How Safe are YOU?
Rebuilt Used Computers, $125 up
Firewall customers Got Internet Abuse??
Custom Managed Firewall Solution Custom Built Laptop Pricing False Claims from ISP's
Windows Vista
Content Filtering - Anti Spyware
What Most Customers Buy So you bought a discount computer. Email Security
Computer Upgrading & Parts Repair Rates Viruses (info)
Cheap vs. ISC What we do for you Prevention
Warranty Backup Test Spyware Information
Piracy Consulting Identify Theft
Computer Facts A Perfect Computer System Identify Theft Computer Test
Computer Hype Create Restore DVD's for you Cyber Cafe / Kiosk system
Price Comparison No High Speed Internet Available Public Library Employees read this
Write a Computer Quote
Firewall Hardware (info)
Accountants Read This Why You Should Have a Network Firewall Hardware - Update type
For Corporation Accountants Take the Network Test Firewall Managed
Used when available A Perfect Computer System Firewall Software
Wireless Networking???  
Custom Built Software Programs Minimum Network PC Specs
Replace your HP Printer Network Cost Estimate Custom Built Software Programs
Sample Company Policy Server Hype Web Site Design or Updates
I am an Idiot -- Save Pennies, Lose Thousands Not a Micro$oft Server save lots of money!
Convert to Free Software Your own Email Server About Us
Examples of Previous Savings to Customers Your own Web Server Policies & Believes
  Linux vs. Microsoft Server Legal Disclaimer
  Novell vs Microsoft Servers (dated) Contact Us

If you get a pop up while accessing this web site you are infected with Spyware, Adware, a virus or all three of these!

Industry Standard Computers has a "NO false advertising, NO hype, NO lies, NO games, NO marketing gimmicks, NO bait & switch, NO selling "used for new" approach toward computer sales and information. 99% of our customers are from "word of mouth."

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