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In our "Firewall content Filtering Servers" we have the ability to set up an in-house secure Apache web  server.

Don't know of Apache?  Ask any ISP what they use for "web hosting."  You will find 80% all use Apache!  What to know more go visit

66.9 million sites, compared to 35.3 million sites using Microsoft server. (This survey was by bouncing IP's for server names. It doesn't necessarily mean the 35.3 million were actually hosting web sites. Could have been some dummy install IIs by mistake or forgot to close the door. By volume of users I doubt Microsoft is 1% market. In 22 years I only know of 2 ISP's that used Microsoft server as a web server. I have only known of 2 ISP's that ever used the Microsoft's Email server "Exchange" past the first 6 months.  (The ISP's were hacked or infected so many times they bought or built something else).

(One state agency has been hacked a few times now and shut down due to viruses on multiple times and one of our Web Server & Email Servers have been running on the same network and get hit by the same 2000-6000 attempted hacks every week. But it just keeps on keeping on.)

Have you ever heard of a Linux Web Server being compromised in the news?   I never did.  I always heard every hacked server was Microsoft. As one of the Military's Cyber Security chief said about worst Apache vulnerability in 10 years... "If you took absolute worst case scenario with this Apache vulnerability, it is nothing in comparison to what I deal with on an everyday basis with Windows."  I think if you search ISC (Internet Storm Center) you can find that quote.

So again why Apache on Linux? Security Security Security!!!  Google Security in one more attack at Microsoft stated that 'any form of malware is twice as likely to be house on a Microsoft web server than an Apache server.'

Our Apache server also supports various programming web languages...

HTML (pure form) not the "Microsoft" version but it will run too.

SHTML  (Server based HTML)  one simple advantage to this is a "Header" a "Footer" and a "Middle" that are combined together when some one external clicks on the page.  The Header & Footer are the same for all the web site. The Middle page changes.

To explain differently... you have a Header that is the same on all pages like the part of this page above the first line that has company logo, info and links to other pages.  The middle is this part that is different from page to page. The footer is the bottom of this page below the line that carries more info or links about the web site.

PHP  the number one used programming language on the web.  It is hard to pin down the market share but 3 to 1 over ASP, 4 to 1 over Java, 3 to 1 over CGI/Perl.

CGI/Perl the original programming language of the web.

The major advantage to inhouse is that you have a secure link to do updating and the cost of ownership goes down from the $20 or so a month paid to some ISP to nothing.

Not once in 3 years, has a customer running an in house web server had one single problem requiring a visit or a bill from us.

MySQL  database.  The number one web database program. Again, ask any ISP if they have MySQL --all do!  PHP & MySQL go together like a "hand & glove."

But if you want to pay thousands of dollars in maintenance and thousands of dollars in set up, we can sell you a Microsoft 2008 server.
More later...

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