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St. Clairsville, Ohio
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30 Years In Business - 30 Years Experience with Computers - 25 Years with Networks & Security
The oldest system builder in the area, maybe in the state!
Best Labor Rate in the Area, $25 Shop, $40 Outside
We are all Americans here and all American support. We will never farm out American jobs to foreigners.

(If you can buy a computer under our price, then it is used or refurbished!)
Need some help in choosing?

New computers are Work Station Grade or mild Gamer (if it claims to be a home PC you don't want it) they all have SSD to be 20%+ faster than junk store dealers before you ever compare the style processor & true GHz speed, the name of the game is GHz, more you have the faster: 

If the computer is NOT 3.0 GHz or better you are wasting good money!!!
If the laptop is NOT 2.3 GHz or better, Intel i3, i5 or i7, you are wasting good money!!! 

Intel i3 3.9 GHz (dual core, 7th Gen.) 
... $ 629

Intel i5 4.2 GHz (quad core, 7th Gen.) ... $ 729

Intel i7 4.2 GHz (quad core, 7th Gen.) ... $ 869

All come in mini/mid tower case, with 400 watt power supplies, 8 GB 2400 GHz memory, 1 GB Geforce video card, 240GB SSD, memory card reader, 2 Yr. McAfee AV, Window 10 Pro (modified to look & fell like Win 7 or XP). Other upgrades are always available. You have money, we have your dream computer solved.

Our gaming computers are about 1/2 the price of Dell Alienware or other gamer companies.  Send us what they say they can build for $$$ and let us have a laugh when we price you out what it really costs.

FULL systems:
Add $190 for keyboard, optical mouse, 1000+ joule surge protector, 19" LCD standard resolution monitor or 24 inch widescreen with speakers.

Updated 11-2017

All NEW ISCnetwork's computers will have a real copy of Microsoft Windows, CD & Certificate of Authenticity (COA) with a serial number. We will NEVER do what Dell, Acer, & HP (Compaq) do to their customers by giving you a 'branded' copy that only works on their brand of computer, so when the computer needs a part you have to buy the whole computer again. 

Purchase of 5 or more $25+ discount (depends on configuration).

Processors not on the list are either unavailable or obsolete or are more expensive than the next faster one.

Personal documents or files moved from old computer for a minimal charge. 

Shipping East Coast add $45 (approx.) 
Shipping West Coast add $60 (approx.)
(Sales tax only in OH, PA, WV.) 


All have Solid State (hard) Drives unless you really want slower.  Some can have the SSD + another regular 250GB+ added too.

Cheap Internet surfers ONLY $125, (Intel Core II duo 3.0 GHz 4 GB RAM, 120GB SSD)
Good work horses ONLY $175-$300:  Intel i5  3.2 GHz, 4-8GB Ram, 120GB & 240 GB SSD
Half new / half used ONLY
$325-$400: 4.2 GHz AMD FX Quad & 8 Core, 8GB Ram, 240GB SSD (generally available)

USED LAPTOPS (only when available)
$100-$125 Internet surfer ONLY or to make your dumb TV smart; 120GB SSD 4GB RAM.  (Win 7, Win 10)
$150-$200 Intel i3 2.3+ GHz, 4-8GB RAM, 120-256GB SSD.  (Win 8 or Win 10)
$250-325  Intel i5 2.66 GHz 4-8GB RAM,
120-256GB SSD.  (Win 10 Pro always).


All computers are custom built using NEW (not previously sold) parts. The Windows on our computers has many engineering upgrades and patches making it far safer that others. All computers are networkable with 2003 or Novell or Linux. 

Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Our computers are fine tuned high quality machines. They run faster than our competitors even with the same processors. ISC is an OEM, not a VAR. Sorry, we specialize in computer hardware and networks, not phone systems, TVs, dishwashers, tax preparation, accounting and other such things. If you can find a computer cheaper than ours; it is in more ways than one.

Not responsible for typos. All prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Hard drive sizes are based on manufacturer's description, in actuality 120 GB are about 111 GB in IBM compatible or DOS terms.

All pages on this website written by employees of ISC, © Copyright 1999-2015 by Butch Walker, all rights reserved.
Do not copy or use in any way without written permission from Butch Walker.

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