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In 2010 we retired 38 computers that had been built between 2000-2003.  They were still in use every week and no one was complaining. We have never met a "brand" computer that has survived two thirds that long, without "it is terribly slow" attached to the computer.  This is why you pay more and get longevity & all NEW.  

When it comes to custom built computers here are the simple questions to answer...
1. Do you want the Windows 8 Professional or Windows 7 Professional? 
(Anything NOT called "Professional" is a Home version which is always infected and never works well for any business.)

2. Do you want a video card?  The video card has a heat sink twice the size of the heat sink that is on the main motherboard of the computers that have "on board" video. 
Less heat, less crashes, in theory much longer life; this might explain why Store Brand computers blow Windows more often than any custom built computer.

We will never sell Windows HOME Edition anything or Celeron processors or Intel i3 because we like our customers and don't want to expose them to that kind of abuse. So with that being said...

3. Almost always in this business the following is true... When you are looking at NEW computer made of NEW parts, the price difference between the slowest currently sold and 3rd from the top in speed / performance is about $50. 2nd from the top is usually $100-$300 more. So which do you prefer? At times, this spread in price is even less. Intel to match the speed of AMD is $100 more when they can keep up.  Three times in our 20 years in the hardware business Intel actually was the "best punch for the dollar" and only for a short period of time.

4. It is doubtful you can fill an 80 GB hard drive unless you download DVD movies and store them on your computer. We  offer up to 2 TB. Our computers have expansion areas so you can even have 2 - 2TB hard drives if you wish. Example 48 GB of MP3 music files is roughly 24 hours a day for 30 days of music without playing the same song twice.

What size hard drive?

5. A standard resolution 19" monitor has more vertical display distance than a 24" wide screen. This vertical distance is what "you read". New (not reconditioned) in 19" LCD monitors are $5 more than 17". I think that is a "No brainer."  All 15" and most 17" are all refurbished or used.  19" LCD correct? 

6. Do you want Microsoft Windows?  We always sell real Microsoft Windows with a Certificate of Authenticity with a serial number that will reinstall and a real Microsoft Windows CD ROM!  Dell, Emachine, Gateway & HP/Compaq have never been able to say that.  UNLESS YOU BUY WINDOWS 8 FROM US, you don't own anything! The Win 8 serial number is embedded in the newer 'Brand' computers and if computer blows so does any legal right of yours to use the Windows 8 that was installed!

7. Do you want your computer ready to plug in and run when you buy it?  Our computers are up to date with virus programs and Windows updates at time they were built. (No need for hours upon hours to get your 'store bought' computer up to date and remove your 30-60 demo programs.) WE HAVE NO DEMO PROGRAMS or KICK-BACK PROGRAMS INSTALLED! NO SPYWARE INSTALLED.  HP for sure can't say that read the License Agreement well sometime on ANY HP product.)

8. Do you want to use your laptop for 3+ years? NO laptop we have ever sold has had a problem with the power cord area breaking and rendering the laptop unusable like HP's & Acer's.

9.  Do you want a place to have your computer quality serviced?  We service what we sell and all others too. The worst turn around time ever here was about 2 weeks because parts have to be shipped and replacements shipped back to us.

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