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Special Internet Content Filtering:

We have created a program / service that can be installed on a local computer called "Private Web." This program can be adjusted from a simple pop-up and advertising blocker to a full denial of all Internet access excluding Windows updates and virus updates. Private Web can be set in "whitelist" or "blacklists" modes.

The program has a few editable sections and features.

  1. An approved section where only the web sites on the approved list can be accessed ever, all others "Denied."  This section can have a one click through if desired. That is you go to and can click on any link on Ford go to that web site but can go no further.
  2. A Block section where web sites can be added that you don't want your employees to have access to at work like,,,, etc. (Find a problem down the road in 30 seconds add the problem into the list.)
  3. A Block section to add a "Black List" like spyware or adware vendors or adult sites.
  4. Advantages of this program over others is if you remove it from memory... No Internet! Tamper with it... No Internet!
  5. A running log of all internet traffic is recorded, so problems can be addressed if need be. Or used as a monitor to see is our Filtering Server is more of what you need for your business or home users.
The program can be ran in two ways one strictly at the local level. (Not likely but some employee could tamper with it, should he desire to spend hours to do so and lose his job if caught.) Or installed like a gateway on a "trusted" employee's or the boss' computer where all internet traffic flows.

Some currently running examples or uses:

  1. Automotive dealerships for "Tech" computers. Allows access to do "Tech" manuals but nothing else.
  2. Public libraries for "card catalogue computers."  (Whitelist method.)
  3. Blocks ads, pop-ups, and porn sites currently listed in an installed "black list."
  4. Blocks ads, pop-ups, and spyware / adware sites currently listed in an installed "black list."
  5. Manufacturing companies for computer that run equipment are set in "no internet access" but the computers still download the virus and windows updates as needed.
  6. Secretaries' computers... single job related only.  The program allows access to "company approved only" web sites.
  7. Public access computers in showrooms.  The computer can only go to the company web site and the corporation web site that contains the information on the product(s) on display in your Public Show Room area. No need for the flaky & expensive porn blockers.
  8. Full access but with added blocked sites. (,,, etc.)
  1. If you stop one piece of spyware or one network virus you just saved all the expense of this program / service.
  2. You reduce on single job computer's chance of a virus or adware/spyware to about none.
  3. You have increased the speed of the computers and the internet speed because you have less programs or downloads occurring from pop-ups.
  4. You can remove hours of "personal" internet surfing.
Approximate costs per machine $10. Time to install or configure will vary depending on purpose. To block the Service Information computers in a car dealership was $200. This included set it up in "audit" mode for a week to determine what web sites to include in "company approved only" mode.

Yearly updates or renewals... none per se except on blacklists

A discussion for Public Libraries.

This is

This is after our software.

The money you will save after filtering in production time will more than pay for the cost.  This program is Linux ported for Windows that is why the cost is so low.

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