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This is dated material.  Novell is Linux now.
If you have a Novell server keep it for as long as you can.
Or contact us for better options and more modern.

Microsoft Server vs Novell Netware
(This is an honest approach from a company who can do either or both, not a company that does just one. )
(We currently maintain about 60% Novell and 40% Windows Servers; many in the same location.)

Easier to Install by Joe Blow Computer Dealer Microsoft NT, 2000, 2003 Novell Network
Upgrading & Replacement Novell server software has a long life cycle. Novell 4.11 was 9 years. We still have two Novell 4.10 software running after 11 years. (In that 11 years 3 server upgrades, not even total replacement. About $1500 total.) Microsoft reinvents the wheel every 2 years and takes it off the market in 5 years. Every 5 years you purchase a complete new computer server and software for it or take large risk with virus attacks or security issues. 20 user network... about $4000 every 5 years.
Easier to Install by an  ISC professional Novell (also cheaper for you) Microsoft Server software (requires more field work and is just "picky" like all Microsoft Windows)
Less Expensive to you when installed by an ISC professional Novell servers are less expensive to build and maintain Windows servers are $200-500 more if compared speed for speed against Novell. Plus extra field work and maintenance.
Cabling requirements doesn't matter doesn't matter
Extra Features over normal server Novell Groupwise is probably the best email / inner company communications system in the world. Microsoft Exchange server with back office or small business suite is good for 12-14 virus attacks per day. 
Duplexing or Mirroring available with both available with both
Mirrored Servers Novell not available with Microsoft
Security from hackers and in house "bad employees"


Novell far superior


Windows servers forget it. Keep lots of backups. Virus are far worst of a threat with Windows. Remember "Blaster" virus. Email spamming is common from hacked Microsoft servers.
General Security


Novell winner because in Novell all users start with no rights to anything except what Novell allows. (some printers, Public folders) Microsoft gives full rights to everything to everyone in the beginning. So you have to remove the Accounting or administrative rights in all cases. 
Security over a WAN Novell Microsoft
Easier to Maintain by in house people Novell has one program that covers almost all day to day issues Microsoft has 4 actions or programs to do the same.
Sharing Databases or files Novell far superior (even pro Windows people say this.) Record locking problems and sharing violations are common.
Sharing of Network Printers Novell With Microsoft most of the time you still have to run Windows 9x networking also. Forget DOS.
Attached to more than one server, printer, WAN, etc. Novell (almost unknown to the user)


Microsoft is harder to configure and is locked to the work station not the user themselves (see next item below)
Network shared resources based on each User


Novell can allow movement throughout the office of personnel and their shared network files/printer/servers goes with them.


Microsoft is very much work station based or takes massive amounts of configuration for each individual user.


Users able to use any company computer (multiple job employee) Novell rights can be adjusted to each User allowing them to work more than one job per day Microsoft server users are very much press into using the same machine all the time.
Running DOS based work 
Novell work stations can be pure DOS machines.  NT hates DOS and costly (labor) to use DOS work stations. W2k and Server 2003 forget it.
Running DOS programs or Older Windows 3.11 programs Novell doesn't care what operating system is used and supports MAC, UNIX, DOS, Windows, even NT, 2000 or XP. NT is picky and some just will not run or extremely slow!
Running Programs directly on the server (rare, mostly accounting packages) NT wins but only with "pure" Windows programs that are "NT" compatible over Novell 3x and 4x. Novell 5 makes the gap almost nonexistent. Even Pro NT people like Novell 5 and 6. 
Easier to set up an "in house Internet Server" NT far superior (but remember a true T1 costs about $1300-3000 per month in most areas) Novell does well but hard and timely to set up. (check out vs for speed sometime) 
Software compatibility


Novell allows different operating systems, different software packages and requirements.


NT only companies claim NT only software but this is a hoax! In every software we have ever come across, it runs on Novell or NT.  (Most NT only companies have no experience with Novell that is why the lie.)
In a "Worst Scenario" disaster, which is easier to be back up and running Novell absolute winner.


NT has little backup of the items that take the most time to set up: the users, operating system, printers
More Prone to Crash


NT definite winner
The blue screen of death on NT makes Windows 9x look nice.
Novell definite loser. Outside of hardware problems or a Administrative blunder. I have never seen one
Which one makes ISC more money NT definitely! Not only is NT's Service Pack (bug fixes) but is just has problems from time to time. Novell is almost self sufficient except for occasional Service Packs (bug fixes).
Needs more "tweaking" after being placed in service NT definite winner Novell needs very little, if any at all.
Patches and bug fixes (cost to you)


NT the winner, you the loser. NT's can be hours of install and download time with extra human intervention. Most Novell patches are automated and consolidated together. 
Bottom line costs


NT wins hands down. I know of two companies that have spent over $10,000. One other in 4 years $50,000.  Novell after setup for about the first year runs about $300 for tweaking, patches etc.
Don't get us wrong, we like Microsoft servers they always make us more money.
Duplexing or Mirroring:  Ability to have two hardrives in the same server that are exactly mirror image of each other. One dies the other takes over.  (Cuts server failure 70-90%) BACK

Mirrored Servers:  Same as above except one server is identical to another server. If one server gets hit by lightning the other one takes over.  This is for those people who have to have twenty four hours a day, 366 days a year service like hospitals, radio stations, factories, public utilities.  BACK

Written by Butch Walker, 3-2002, © Copyright 2002, all rights reserved.

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