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Wireless Networking ???

In a word... NO.

The U.S. Military will not let up install wireless even in underground facilities.  Does that give you any idea how secure they know it to be?

Wireless networking is on its 10th version since we looked at the possibility of doing wireless over 4 years ago. Whatever you buy today will not become the standard!  The only hope for a wireless network is that all newer equipment will be backward compatible.

How well is your cell phone doing?  Now in a small building with very little steel, your wireless network will probably work as well as your cell phone on its good days. Try your cell phone in a building with lots of iron and steel, aluminum walls, etc. Do you like the results?

Wired networks can work flawlessly on any speed computer / system. Wireless, to be safe, 2000 MHz computers or better.

Wireless equipment can never be used right out of the box.

But the largest problem we have found so far is that your wireless may connect to someone else's wireless. We have a customer who logs into a wireless network across the street about 1 out of 5 times the computer boots up. If we were the only wireless networking company in the area this would never happen because all our networks are secured (as well as wireless can be).  But the Sloples and the Refurb Citys sell wireless and many have bought there without any knowledge of networking and after staying on the phones for hours they have a wireless network (others just returned the parts for a refund).

We can install you a wireless network or a wired network... your choice.

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