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Computer Hype and Other Lies

  • Beware: If it doesn't say NEW it might not be! Many will lead you to believe everything they sell is NEW. By the way the salesman on the floor at Discount Junk Store, doesn't know what is refurbished or used; he would not tell you if he did.
  • We sell at computer for ... $499.  But you can't go and buy it. They will not sell it to you. If you could buy it, it is still missing most of what you need to be a fully functioning system, i.e. no monitor, no antivirus, etc.
  • Retail is better than OEM.  Yes, generally speaking but... We buy boxed processors whenever possible because they do carry a manufacturer's 3 year warranty. OEM processors are in reality only guaranteed to work. With big boys like HP, Gateway or Dell, the internal computer parts are bought with no warranty.  They provide their own warranty.  With us little guys who buy from authorized computer parts distributors or directly from the manufacturer our parts are covered generally for 1 year from purchase date (excluding the processors discussed above).  Some of ISC's purchased parts have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, many 3 years. If you purchase a computer that claims to have a 3 year warranty, then in reality, most, if not all, the parts inside that computer are covered by a warranty out of someone's pocket! They will invalidate your 3 yr. warranty any chance they get!
  • Intel motherboards are the best... matter of opinion.  We can order Intel boards, they have at least integrated sound and network (LAN) on board and generally are always slower in speed then our normally purchased boards.
  • Everything is going to mini tower (micro tower) design.  Yes everyone else is, because these low end designs are cheaper!  NEVER buy a tower case with anything but a standard ATX 300 watt power supply and standard ATX motherboard .... end of discussion!
  • NTFS is more secure than FAT 32.  In a word NO.  Files on the hardrive can still be read by people who know how.  Security is more an operating system dilemma not what format and most of all how it was configured.  We have on more than one occasion had crashed XP Home computers come into the shop built by other computer companies. We were able to save all the owner's documents on the computer including the ones that were passworded (it is so easy to do we don't even ask what the password is). In rebuild time FAT 32 saves you money! If two people use the same computer like a janitor and the president of the company, go with NTFS, there is a little more security between users than with FAT 32.
  • All the software is preloaded.  If you don't have the licenses, CD ROMs for your software you might have bought stolen property. (Piracy is a 6 billion dollar business per year.)  If you don't have the original CD ROMs for your computer... what if the computer crashes or the hardrive goes bad?  We supply all drivers and software CDs for the operating system, hardware and any commercially bought software like Word Perfect Suite or Micro$oft Office.  A restore disk is NOT original software. Original software could be used on anyone's computer... not legally, but would install just the same.  Legal software does not come on blue CD ROMs (i.e. burned, not stamped CD ROMs).  (Fact to be aware a certain discount store in this area sells name brand computers with Microsoft Office installed but with no legal license for the MS Office. Checkout for more info on how to tell if it is legal.)  Microsoft Office Professional and Windows XP Home costs $365 or more just for the legal software!
  • "I can get a computer for $549."  Yes, you can, but it is not complete or what you really need and it is probably not all new. Make sure you get your power cords, printer cable, 2 phone cables, 1 year of virus updates, serial & parallel ports, average size hardrive, 1000+ joule surge protector, 4 USB ports, your non-integrated video, two ps 2 ports for standard keyboard and mouse connections, software CDs, Windows CD, 17" monitor, etc.  Compare apples to apples ISC wins every time.
  • If you can find a computer bid lower than ISC. First make sure you are getting everything that we include. Second check out the specs closely.  Then, if it really did beat us..... big if,  the computer company buys at the $5 million dollar level and has less that a 10% markup on computers.  They will not be in business long.
  • DDR memory is faster than SDRAM.... NOT!  The following was tests ran by us in worst case scenario on an AMD 2.0 with DDR & SDRAM.  The computer is networked, firewalled, with Norton AV running, 45 GB of an 80 GB hardrive filled with 3 running operating systems, 12 GB of music, about every hardware driver we ever sold, 7 complete copies of the standard operating systems we sell on new computers, programs left open, 6 programs that load on startup, etc.  We try a lot of different ideas but most tests we did were in the 5 second or less range. These kind of tests are really worthless since a one second delay can always be in the  human range. Here are the results of things we did find to do:
  • TEST
    SDRAM PC 133
    DDR 2100
    Power on switch to final hour glass in Windows
    1:58 minutes
    1:57 minutes
    Convert text on 60 pages of text
    Converting 1800 pictures to thumbnails
    Rebuilding a 110,000 record database
    Guess what?   Same speed. Price in Nov. 2002 for SDRAM is $48 less than DDR. That is almost one more speed jump on the processor chart.  Guess what we recommend for your $48? In W2k that gets you an extra 256 MB of SDRAM.  It's your money you want DDR fine with us too.

    We are asked questions like "why do you put forth straight talk about computers, you know it hurts your sales?"
    We here at ISC we answer to a higher God than our stomachs.

    I personally have years of my life in some documents and projects. I will not trust those to an integrated low end computer like HP/Compaq or Gateway or Dell!

    Updated 10-03

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