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Industry Standard Computers
St. Clairsville, Ohio
(740) 695-1520
30 Years In Business - 30 Years Experience with Computers - 25 Years with Networks & Security
The oldest system builder in the area, maybe in the state!
Best Labor Rate in the Area, $25 Shop, $40 Outside

    1. Our beliefs and practices make it as easy as possible for you to do your job on your computer.
    2. We go into your business, clean up and fix everything, then show some employee routine maintenance. This way you may not need us again for months at a time, unless there is a major failure or purchasing new equipment or upgrades. (This way we are not in your bank account forever!)
    3. Most of the time, our backup schemes and network configurations actually make us less money.
    4. Our recommendations save you money by 'spend a little, save a lot' like 'change the oil or change the engine.'
    5. Most of our recommendations make us less money. Some examples.
    6. To this day, we have never worked for a business that did not run better and more efficiently after a visit from us!  If we can't help you, we will not waste your time or money!
    7. If all you want is a "get by" or "temporary fix" don't call us.  We don't want to ever do "crappie work" regardless of the money.
    8. We have been the outsourced IT department for many businesses.  A couple of years of statistics: in 2001 a company with 95 computers and 5 network servers paid us $10,000 in labor.  In 2002 the same company paid $7500. An IT person at $13 per hour is $27,000 plus benefits and overtime. That is at least double or triple our prices per year. Plus you will never find any IT person with our knowledge and experience for $13 per hour.
    9. We don't claim to be the best, because we don't plan to stay that way.

    10. We make recommendations based on 20 yr. experience in business. Sometimes they don't make sense to the inexperienced but our recommendations have been well tested.

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