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St. Clairsville, Ohio
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30 Years In Business - 30 Years Experience with Computers - 25 Years with Networks & Security
The oldest system builder in the area, maybe in the state!
Best Labor Rate in the Area, $25 Shop, $40 Outside

can even have Windows 8 Professional on them.

They are not custom built, like what we sell new!
They are IBMs, Dells & and rarely the worst of the worst HP/Compaqs or Acer/Emachine
They have Dell, IBM or HP Windows installed with COA's attached. (Legal copies of Windows.)   (

$125 - $310 
Bare Used Computers are:

2.8 - 3.4 GHz Pentium 4, Core II duo, rarely AMD. (If less than 2.8 GHz NOT worth buying)
1.5-4 GB memory
80-160GB Hard drive (7200 RPM unless stated otherwise)
4 - 8 USB ports, front & back.
1.44 MB floppy drive occasionally

Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 with current updates to date of rebuild. 

Some with Windows 7 at present $225 up.
(All of Normal web programs installed like Adobe, Flash, Firefox, Anti-Spyware, anti-virus, etc. are installed.)

Want Windows 8 Professional for a very limited time add $50.

No monitor.

With 17" LCD monitor only while supple lasts add $40.

Other options as available. Add to bare price:
HP / Compaqs minus  $15 - $25
512 MB vs 1 GB RAM  (with some computers) minus $15
$ 5
CD RW / DVD    $12
DVD RW (mostly dual layer) - rarely have   $15
20x DVD RW (new dual layer)    $35

80 GB hard drive    $15
New 80 GB   $37
New 500 GB (if usable in older computer)    $80

1400+ Surge protector
3000+ Surge protector
Add 512 MB to 1 GB memory (most only have 2 slots) 
$20 - $50

These used computers "are what they are" and can not be made better due to the nature of low end branded computers.
They are pieces and parts that are assembled together from various sources.
Before this 3rd world economy, all these brands of computers were dumpstered! (The internal parts sold for more than the whole computer did as an assembled and tested unit.)
They are not custom built, custom configurable or upgradable much pass what is on the list if even that much.

We would never recommend these brands of computers for "Mission Critical" anything. As with all Windows computers keep multiple backups of personal files.

New parts are re-usable in our custom built computers should you want to upgrade later.

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