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The False Claims of Internet Service Providers

I enjoy hearing all the propoganda on television about how some ISP can stop your spyware or hacker problems or virus infections and how they have a secure network.  The down and dirty answer -- NO ISP can protect you adequately from spyware or viruses; nothing against hackers. They are protecting their own equipment and marketing that mediocre protection to you, the consummer!

Some examples:
If AOL denied access to "CWS" infected websites... they would have to hire 25% more phone techs to deal with all the phone calls because some customer would complain because they don't like the advertising pop-ups on their computer coming up blank. (We have had complains from employees about the blank holes on some web sites due to the fact our "Firewall content Filtering Server" removed the spyware advertising. Our FcFS blocks most pop-ups too. After about 2 weeks they love the fact the pages they view is information not filled with junk.)

Virus scanning and de-spamming of every email message requires some major computer horsepower and 99% of all ISP's are not going to spend that kind of money past what is needed to protect their own servers from damages.  This sound weird till you look closer... an infected message to Joe Blow can be stored all day on any email server, the infection will not spread till Joe Blow takes possesion of the infected message and it is opened.

If I wanted to hack Yahoo customers... I would just get an Yahoo account, look for a Yahoo customer with Windows XP Home Edition on a computer that stays on 24 hours a day and go hacking.

Bottom line:
You have to protect yourself by having a really good hardware firewall, software firewall, 2 or 3 good  spyware scanning softwares and an up to date name brand virus program.

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