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Sample of a Computer Policy & Regulations

Every day a new computer virus or spyware is created. Some viruses and spywares are also “network aware” meaning that they come in on one computer through a download or an email and infect all computers on the network.  Some not only email themselves to all the email addresses in all the address books on the computer but also take files off your computer and sends those files to some email addresses.  These files could be customer lists or accounting spreadsheets. Some viruses are designed to remove the virus programs or other forms of security. (Look up KLEZ in Google some time.)  The virus then has opened the door for all forms of attack from other viruses or spyware or hackers.  Some viruses infect web servers so when you go to a web site the “You need to download the following Plug-in” message comes up which is actually the virus. (Google Nimda.)

The U.S. “Privacy Act” has made even more problems with security against the law.

Internet Browsing:
The computers are company property, even computers brought in by employees are subject to company policy. Software Piracy:
Software Piracy is a felony. Backups and Archiving: Personal or Visiting Computers:
General rule of thumb "If it is confidential, then it never leaves company property except in the form of a backup." Please let us know of any computer needs or problems.  It might be software or hardware, even something simple like a new mouse pad.

We did not get to where we are now over night and it will take some time to get where we really need to be.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,
The Management.

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