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I am an Idiot... by saving pennies to stomp on $100 bills:
The events below are true... names have been changed only to meet the Privacy Act ...

A County Agency made multiple mistakes...

  1. They planned on buying new $20,000 software that required new equipment... Mistake one they didn't contact us to screen the hardware & software requirements.... spent $3200, should have spent $1400 and would have had better server software too.
  2. Ask for a estimate from us for a Windows Server... our price for a Dual Core Dual Processor 3200 MHz with RAID controller with all the "bells and whistles" $3200.  Did NOT buy it. Went to Dell and bought a new server (ha ha) Dual Core SINGLE Processor 1600 MHz without RAID, with mismatched hard drives for $2800.  (Mismatched hard drives tells anyone who know anything that one if not both of the hard drives are used or refurbished!!  Dell refused to fix the server!!  So now the company pays $350 to get new hard drives and have the OS moved to them and set up properly as least as best as you can do without RAID.)
  3. Bought a APC UPS unit from Dell... it too was a refurb too; battery was replace over 9 month earlier. (Batteries are only $165 for this unit, this agency can afford them, right?)
A computer is at the main desk.  At least 10 times a week one or more employees have to wait to use the computer. Employees in this location are in the $13 per hour range.  15 minutes wasted 5 times a week for one year buys a super "killer" computer from ISC.

A inadequate internet surfing computer is in a part time location and surfs about 20 pages per day average.  Each page take 5 seconds longer per page than it should. Because the computer is so inadequate is locks up about once per day and takes 5 minutes longer than a better computer to completely cycle. At this rate the employees waste $324 of company money per year. (Not counting all the time wasted commenting to other employees about how the company does want to give them adequate equipment.) This company was offered a used computer upgrade for $125 including labor and they didn't take it!

About 4 employees use the fax machine about 5 times a day. It take about 10 minute round trip to go to the fax machine and back to thier offices. Employees in this area are $8-12 per hour wage group.  The 4+ employees waste about 3 hours per day. Or in one month pays for as ISC Fax server that allows the employees to fax from their computers and still do other things with out the interruptions and cuts down on the chat time at the fax machine too.

A company has multiple employees at work surfing porn websites. If some "little old lady" sees this they will lose at least a $100,000 in business by the end of the day.  This company refused twice to have us install our Firewall content Filtering Server to remove that problem.

A company recieves 200 pieces of SPAM a day in 3 email accounts which cost them $5265 per year in wasted company wages. They refused to have us install our Firewall content Filtering Server which in their case saves them roughly $4000 per year.

A company had some 5 year old hubs that had burnt ports and a lot of dead cables plugged in the system. We recommended to replace them and do some simple rewiring. They didn't and later an employee of the company took the Accounting Dept. down for 4 days and the rest of the business for 1 day.  Then they paid to have the rewiring and new network switches installed anyway... but now it was an emergency vs. maintenance.

A company didn't want us to call Veritas to figure out why the software didn't work for $65. But buying a new backup system for $600 was the solution.

90% of all companies with their current IT departments or consultants cannot pass our "How Safe Are You" or "Network" or "Backup" tests. But still refuse our help.

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