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Cost of Ownership (printers):
(The numbers are rough estimates based on current prices, with age printers go down in price, ink & toner goes up.)

Oki vs HP Laser Printers:

Low end printers:

Oki 4200 $275
Full 2 year warranty $100.
Toner $25
Drum $160

HP 1150  $325
Full 2 year warranty (from memory, it is somewhere on HP’s website) $175
600 X 600 DPI 17PPM
Drum/Toner assembly $105

Both go according to manufactures 4000-5000 pages per toner.  Drum in Oki is between 40,000 and 80,000 pages. (In our experience high humidity cuts its life as much as work load.)

The following estimate is set up to give HP every advantage just to make a point. It gives Oki no breaks and gives all the breaks to HP…

At 100,000 copies done (rough life expectancies of each printer)

25 toner @ $525 and 2 drums @ $320 plus original price for a total cost of ownership: $1220. Excluding the cost of paper, the cost per page: $0.012.

20 toner/drums assemble @ $2100 plus original price for a total cost of ownership: $2600. Excluding the cost of paper, the cost per page: $0.026

Bottom line if you print 100,000 black and white pages you can own 2 Oki 4200 printers for less than one HP 1150! Plus slightly better quality!

Other problems: Roller mechanisms… we replaced one set in all Oki printers ever sold to date. Generally Oki printers are retired by the time the rollers become a problem (3rd or 4th drum or so). Can’t count all the HP replacements needed over the years.

Contact us when you want your Oki printer, or HP if you really want to...

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