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Convert Your Business to Free Software

We can probably save you thousands of dollars by converting your company from a lot of commercial software and even some expensive hardware to free software or at least less expensive software. Call us, can you not take the chance to save money?

Projects we have a "fix" or are looking at so far:

Replace Microsoft Office and MS Word.
Replace Photoshop and some other commercial photo programs
An inclusive Photo / viewer / thumbnail program.
Central Fax server / and fax from all workstations.
Firewall solutions and dual virus scanning
Porno screening (no more Net Nanny or such)
Limited "company approved" Internet access.
Local workstation & server backups
Spyware, Adware & advertising and pop up blocking

How we got here:
When the computer industry started out very little other than commercial software was available and operating systems were cheap in comparison to hardware or software (1984-1989). But as more people started accepting and owning computers (1990-1993) an idea can along of "Shareware" a "try before you buy" approach to commercial software. We here started finding software packages, mostly Shareware, to install on the computers we sold to help give people a "computing experience." This was done for them so they would not need to go out 3 days after they bought their new computer and spend hundreds of dollars on software. In about 1997 as the Internet became known or experienced by the average person a drive to create free software or "freeware" started. We too included some of that with computers we sold here.

But in 2004 we decided to try a run Industry Standard Computers on "freeware."  We will even offer Linux or Windows / Linux dual operating systems so people can see "the other guy."  One Linux install has 2800 free software packages included that can be installed. We will support anything to help rid the world of the Microsoft plague. When they have "world domination" we are all out of a job. NO small business or home will be able to pay the Moma Microsoft utility bill.

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