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Please don't get us wrong "We love Dell and HP/Compaq, these pieces of junk make us a fortune."

After 17 years we finally found a good purpose for Dell computers, especially the ones with the big round logo...

Picture 1... why qualify for your Conceal Carry Class on a 9" circle when you can shoot a Dell 30 times and have more fun.
Picture 2... Need more plastic Dells, the paper thin metal ones don't do as well.
Picture 3... Even a bad day at the shooting range is a good day when shooting Dell computers.
Picture 4... Even a double action shooting is fun when shooting a Dell. 12 rounds... dead Dell. Actually though, Dells aren't really all that much alive when new.

Our opionion of Compaqs and HP computers is equal.  We love getting paid to put legal Microsoft Windows in Compaq & HPs because they cheated their customers out of them.

Picture 1... we do like the plastic logo much better than paper thin metal.
Picture 2... The front cover tried to run and hide. I would too if I was connected to HP.

Need wallpaper... picture here.

These were not as much fun... no real logo to kill. Compaq  Also had to stop here because target load wasn't going all the way through. Next time we will bring personal safety loads.

We are currently gathering more up more Dells and Compaqs / HP computers for more good shooting.  The next one is an HP laptop that was designed to break next to where the power cord plugs into the laptop in a year or so.

Off topic but if you are anti-gun and don't believe law abiding citizens should have the right to own handguns Dell and HP are you choices. We are pro gun choice here.

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