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SCAM Alerts:

1. Nobody from Microsoft, Comcast, Uverse, or your ISP is ever going to call you.  The system is automated, it disconnects you and waits for you to call them should you really be sending out "thousands of viruses".

2.  Beware of any Service Contract, especially "free months or download trials."  (A software contract for your specialized "dental software" or such is not what you need to worry about unless it contains some or all of the items listed below "in quotes").  The biggest most dangerous Service Contract Scam right now it coming from your local computer company, not some foreign country.  They tie your computer to "their server."   They deliver updates from "their server".  They have "real time monitoring" or can "see your screen" at will,  if they can log into your computer. They have fancy names and make impossible boasts: "Our program fixed 40 infected computers today."  "We are going to deliver 10,000 updates tonight."  Like "pigs to the slaughter" people & companies fall for it.
1. When their server gets hacked so do you!  ALL, not just some, of your personal information is now with hackers!
2. The updates delivered from their server is often fake malware, to show "how they fixed you."  It may be fake "phishing" to bait you to buy into something illegal they are also behind like "child porn," "free movies," "cheap software," etc.
3. They can "real time monitor" your house, bedroom, kids bedroom, etc. thru your web cam or listen to you thru your microphone. Smart TV's could be accessed so that web cam & microphone too. If you have neither device, they could still be recording your surfing history, credit card numbers, usernames, bank account numbers.  Can you afford "Life Lock" for every customer you have, if a business?  GET OUT OF THE PLAN! 
4. Do you want your kids on 'pedo... dot com'?  Do you want your teenager's bedroom on the web at 'live teenage web cams.. dot com' ? Teenagers take pictures too often of themselves and download to the computer (just another twist in this scam). IF you have been in one of these plans turn off your computer... bring it here (740) 695-1520 for disinfection. Make the police aware of the scam.  IF your business was one of these guys' targets call us.  Just because you are not 'paying anymore' may not mean you are not being monitored still!
5. Some of these more legit "service contracts" are Americans who farm out to India where there are no U.S. confidentiality laws. IF the company has less than 5 employees and 50 customers; there is not enough time to fix 40 infected computers in a 24 hr. day. (Boast #1 above).  10,000 updates would take a fiber optic cable connection to the internet at about $50,000 price tag per month. (Boast #2 above).
6. All these recent "child porn" arrest might be masterminded by one of these "service contract" providers and what they are selling in addition to the fake service contract is other customers' kids.  Cover up your camera & microphone regardless.
7. If you find "child porn" or "illegal downloaded" materials on your computer one of these "service contract" people may have set up your computer as a warez server or a torrent server. Call the FBI & then the local police.
8. NEVER take a FREE MONTH, same as getting out of the plan, you may still be on on "candid camera" forever, regardless.
Here at ISC we can clean up your computer (first time about $50) and each follow up visit about $25, multiple drop offs usually take less time.  You should have us go thru ALL of your computers at least once per year for your "yearly oil change."  Figure out what is the best antivirus & antispyware programs for your computer system, remove the back doors into your computers (many are 'open' by default by computer manufacturers).  If you need new computers we can provide them too without all the "bonus or demo" "crapware" software. Our Window 8 & Windows 10 has a Windows XP look and feel; no Tiles or Cell phone look so it is usable & productive.  Out of 500 computers converted from XP to our version of Window 8 we only have had 2 complains other than the one that the computers were so fast they can't get coffee any more on start up in the morning. Don't forget cover you cameras, microphone and report the scammer to you local authorities.

IF you have ever been in one of these plans, let us know immediately, let you local police dept. know immediately. Pack it up, bring it here. Your life / livelyhood could be coming to an end. 

Note: this scam in blackmail & child porn $$$$$ alone will keep going & growing.


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