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Cheap Computer VS ISC Computer

The difference between every major brand and what you find at the discount stores and us is simple:

Them: Especially HP/Compaq, Gateway, EMachine (Packard Bell), 1/2 of the Dells.. Windows is not legal or has invalid serial number on the Certificate of Authenticity (pretty label marked with Microsoft Windows stuck to your PC somewhere.)
Us: We install real Microsoft Windows with a serial number that installs!  Our Windows is not branded to ONLY work in our computers. (Basically if you blow an HP motherboard you buy a motherboard and Windows! In our computer you buy a motherboard.)

Them:  They do not claim anything is new and guess what they would be lying if they did!
Us: Our computer are new, period!  If you want 1/2 new we might be able to build one of those but why?

Them: If you need to upgrade the video in a cheap computer in 2 years buy a new computer.
Us: In an ISC computer remove the current video card and replace it with the new one.

Them: Major brands use an integrated motherboard (all parts soldered on one board). The integrated motherboard was never tested with other cards or memory or if it was it was on a very limited number of components.  Why would they, all the parts are on-board. Testing costs money to the manufacturer. Lowest bid parts are not cheaper if they spend money on testing or compatiblility.
Us: The parts used in our computers were universally tested on many different operating systems, with different brands of hard drives, modems, sound cards, video cards, etc.  This gives our computers a much better chance of being upgraded in the future and more compatible at present with software or additional hardware like scanners or printers or whatever.

The more compatible the hardware the more compatible the software.

Most often cheaper parts mean slower speeds.

Us: The computers we own personally are also the same computers we sell.  When we compare brands, we let our customers pick what they like. What the majority picks is what we continue to sell.

Part or Purpose: THEM US
Motherboard Integrated video, sound, lan, memory $70 or less As little on board anything as possible in this industry $85
Memory Soldered to MB or low end $35 Major brand $45
Sound On motherboard $0  (no card) Sound Blaster $20
Modem On motherboard $0 or $7 card $20
VGA On Motherboard $0 Card $38
VGA memory shared with normal RAM On VGA card (runs much cooler and faster)
1.44 MB Drive or no floppy drive $7 $9
CD ROM $17 Name brand $21
40 GB. Hard Drive $70 (refurb, slow, whatever was cheapest) WD or Seagate $75
Keyboard $3 or less Full size $17 or MS Ergo $27
Good Surge Protector none  or $30 more from them $10  (2000 joule)
IEEE printer cable none or $30 more from them $7
17" Monitor second hand or refurb tube or high dot pitch $110 $135
Norton Antivirus with 1 yr. updates na or $29-$49 $15
(HP Pavilion used for chart, it was in the shop during this time for repair.)
no extra bays, 1 slot for memory, 2 PCI slots. 2 bays, 2 memory slots, 4 PCI, removable VGA, sound or modem cards
Integrated computer was about $200
cheaper in more ways than price
Upgrade in a year the video to the newest "GE Force" and Sound Blaster card for newer games buy an ISC gamer computer box $850. Throw away their computer. $135
Upgrade 3 years later to average speed computer (based on current upgrading going on now in shop of such computers) buy a completely new computer box ... $1000  $425
"Only a rich man can afford cheap windows." (because of the utility bills)
"Only the unlearned buy cheap computers."

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