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Ounce of Prevention vs. Spyware & Adware

Preparation Steps:
If you are on a DSL, T1 or broadband connection. You need two kinds of firewalls, one hardware and one software. (ISC's content Filtering Server can replace both firewalls for multiple computers networks.) The Dlink we sell is $50; Linksys $80.  (Any price under that is for the router, not the router/firewall. Both look alike.)  Software firewalls come in many variations.  Make sure the firewall you installed asks if you want to allow certain programs to "phone" the internet. (McAfee is usually around $20 from us, Norton $30.)

Do the weekly cleaning as described in the ISC Customers Only Area.

Go to Control Panel, then "Add Remove Programs" and remove all programs that have a description like:

  • Toolbar, search bar, IE enhancement,, search...
  • Free music download programs
  • Bargain..., Web savings..., Shop..., Free Shopper...
  • Internet Casino or Poker programs...
  • ...sorry this list goes on and on.

  • Reboot when is says to do so.  Reboot every 2 or 3 removals anyway.  Remove any "instant messaging" programs you don't use.  If you get lost, bring your computer here for service. If you find one of these programs installed then you have tons of them usually!  All Windows XP Home computers are probably infected, typical ones in the shop so far 10-30 infections each.

    Second check your virus program. Many Win XP computer users don't know the virus program is dead till they go to use it. Make sure it is up to date; run its updater program manually.  If it is "expired" then buy Norton or McAfee from us at around $20-$50 depending on version or other programs coupled with it. Run a manual scan of the whole computer.

    Install the spyware scanner on the CD from us.  Scan the whole system, fix whatever it says to do. If you did the third paragraph above this should not find much more than registry entrees and a few left over empty folders.

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