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This is dated material

Computer Hype and Other Lies for Servers

FOR TEST PURPOSES WHEN NEEDED: Let us use a 90+ computer, 4 Network server (W2k & Novell), DSL internet access, T1 Wan access to other Corporation facilities (600 or so) with comparable or lesser equipment. Centralized MIS department. Extreme by most standards. Let's face it: the more, the MORE complicated it gets.

Hype 1: I have to have Cisco equipment...

Hype 2: We have to have the maximum security from inside or outside hackers.
The most important sought out information by employees is "What is Joe Blow's salary?"  If this is so important then...

USE NOVELL end of discussion.

Hype 3: We need the biggest, badest, fastest server money can buy.
If you are 24 hour, 366 day per year mission critical... maybe. I do mean maybe! IF your server is down one hour and you lose money, lots of money then NOVELL mirrored server and that's all folks.

As for biggest: In 99% of all servers in all instances less than 6 gigabyte of information is shared by departments and users. All archive is done with tape backup or some other means of backup.

As for the badest: The top of the line HP server without extra hardrives or software is $7000. 99% of all the facilities in the world could use one we build for about $1800.

As far as speed goes: It is almost always better to upgrade workstations not servers!  But it is your money we can upgrade your server too.

Hype 4: Pentium 4 Servers are faster...
Pentium 4 server are the slowest servers made in the pass 3 years.  An AMD K6 400 MHz is faster that a P4 server if you have the same amount of memory and same hardrive(s) or raid system.

AMD Duals Opterons are probably overall the fastest server.  Dual Xenon next.

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