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Warranty Information

All new ISC computers come with a full one year warranty on all hardware. Monitors are covered by the manufacturers' 3 year warranties. Most internal parts are covered by a 3 year to lifetime warranty (processor, motherboard, memory, hard drives).

We can purchase 3 year full warranty computers and resale them to you, but then that loses why we do custom built better computers and computer systems.

We can play the "warranty game" by adding extra $$$ to cover possible failures of the parts that we sell in our computers that do not carry 3 year manufacturer's warranties... CD ROM, video card & floppy drive. About $100 extra if you wish.

Used computers go out with a limited 30 day warranty.

All computers or parts bought from Discount or Super Stores come with 30 warranty and then whatever manufacturers warranty exists, if any. The following is the wording used by a motherboard manufacturer that I saw on the net while surfing. It is common to almost all computer hardware manufacturers.
“EPoX maintains a standard one-year warranty directly through its distributors on all of its products unless otherwise indicated. Repair & replacement (warranty service or RMA) for non-direct customers are carried out through the appropriate distribution channel (your place of purchase). Before you purchase an EPoX product please verify these terms with your place of purchase. Your primary source for technical support is your place of purchase -- they will have the most current information about your configuration. Sorry at this time we only provide warranty service to direct customers. All non-direct customers should obtain repair, exchanges or refunds from their place of purchase only.”

In simple terms you have a 30 day warranty from places at the malls or shopping centers at best. We do service work on all makes of computers, even those that should still be under warranty. We are DO NOT get paid by some manufacturer to work on any equipment that we sell! (If you want good computer equipment & service don't ever buy Brand X from the authorized Brand X service center.  The more Brand X breaks the more money Brand X service center makes.)

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