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Identity Thief:

Protection needed to stop cyber identity thief:
  1. Do you have a good virus program that is up to date?
  2. Do you have any additional virus scanning on email, in addition to what is provided by your ISP?
  3. Do you have an effective spam filter to help keep out spyware / virus spam?
  4. Do you scan once a day?
  5. Do you have an anti-spyware program that is up to date?
  6. Do you have a hardware firewall that blocks spyware?
  7. Do you scan once a week or better?
  8. Do you use more than one virus program or spyware scanner?
  9. Are all your Windows Updates up to date?
  10. Are you told when to update or does Windows do it automatically?
  11. Do you have a Firewall solution on your Internet service connection as good as our Firewall content Filtering Firewall?
  12. If not do you at least have barest minimum protection: a hardware firewall on your Internet connection and a software firewall installed on your PC? (Forget the pitiful Windows firewall.)
  13. Has your computer been given an immunization to spyware?
  14. Has your computer had someone like us close all the blank passwords and logins and other security holes?
Now let's go bigger scale:
  1. Is your computer connected to other computers in a network?
  2. Are you using Windows products to protect Windows computers on this network? (You have no real protection; same flaw would walk clear through every computer on the network.)
  3. Are all the computers on the network able to meet the critical above?
Now for the big one which you have little control over:

How many people have your Social Security Number outside of the government?

To list a few possibilities: Insurance companies, lawyers, doctors, hospitals, employers, accountants, tax accountants, car dealerships, phone companies, cell phone companies, drug stores, grocery stores, schools or colleges, independent teachers and coaches, medical transport companies, credit card companies, banks...

How many of the above list do you think probably have the worst firewalls if any at all?  Answer: lawyers, accountants, doctors, small business employers, car dealerships, medical transport companies.

If you are willing to pass this information along you can help protect yourself and thousands of others just cut and paste these links into an email:

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