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Windows Vista - A Further Corruption of Windows NT
Newest version from the Antichrist

Just because of all the talk...

NEW NOTE:  A hack has been found in Windows Vista, that allows an attacker to completely control your computer. This is not just another vulnerability that is waiting on a patch from Microsoft. This is a bug that can NOT ever be fixed!

Windows Vista is another one of those "Marketing vs. Decent Operating Systems."  If Microsoft sold cars, only a fool would buy one. Or maybe I should say only the Bill Gates of the world can afford to buy a Microsoft car because of all the upkeep and accidents the Microsoft car would have in daily use.

At least this time Billy boy got it right... Vista HOME & Vista Business.  Too bad people still can't read and keep buying HOME and expect it to work in BUSINESS!!  (At ISC we don't sell HOME versions and never have!  150 to 1 odds that any computer coming in the door here that is infected with something it is a HOME version vs. PRO or Business version.)

Windows Vista at the time of this writing is still as "flaky" and "corrupt" as when introduced 18 months ago to us OEM's. At least XP was patched well after a year in service.

Everything that can be done in XP Professional in 5 minutes take a minimum of 10 in Vista.  The slams Macintosh was doing to Vista are really kind in comparison to how bad Vista really is!!!

Vista to this day has a limit number of drivers available.

Vista's security system is so annoying that most people disable it within a week.  The parts that can not be "turned off" will make spywares and viruses happy.  Many area needed to be accessed by professionals like ourselves is out of reach.

We love Vista, this piece of garbage is going to make us a fortune!!!  Especially when Dell or HP/compaq puts it on their junk computers.

Windows Vista is most likely based of the same corrupt kernel used originally in Windows 2000 that was scrapped in SP3 or SP4.

I cannot ever recommend anyone who claims to have average intelligence to buy any Micro$oft product before the 1st year's anniversary!  With Vista I guess we will see on the second or third year university!

Vista is so bad we have downgraded more Vista to XP Pro than we ever downgraded all other Windows versions since 1991 and that is only counting the past 6 months. Vista still has 6 more years to plague us.

More later...

Some dated info and comparisons of winblows:
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