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Windows XP Home

XP Home or usually called by us IT people "XP Garbage." (Profession is called that too by most.)

I like what was said by a Microsoft Technician while we were at our "Big Brother Brainwashing" meeting:
"You have to remember XP Home is a scaled down version of XP Professional it can not and never will be able to..."


XP Home & "Blaster Virus" ... keep reading if you need more.

XP Home is the most incompatable operating system we have found!  In many ways NT 4.0 is far superior. (And the compatiblility options to change a program to Win 95 compatiblility is a joke, it was in W2k also.)  In the industry by all who will tell you the truth, XP Home is now consider by most to be the worst operating system Microsoft ever made!

XP Home conflicts with its own NTFS format.  In XP Home the networking and most of the file securities are removed. (Windows 98 has better peer to peer networking security.) The NTFS file system was primarily built for that file and network security. Think of it like a 3 ton safe with the door left open all the time! If XP Home is passworded and the Home hardrives or partitions can be seen by XP Pro or W2k or NT there is a good possibility that files can be come locked down to the system.  On some of these computers that came into the shop, it took hours to get the securities back in line so the files could be backed up.  If you buy XP Home absolutely buy it with FAT 32 format.

XP Home can not be DUAL operated with other operating systems safely.  We have been using in more than one place Windows 98 and Windows 2000 on the same computer for years.  When we tried XP Pro here in the shop it ate our Windows ME. So we wiped both and have Windows 98 SE and probably will forever.

XP Home is always phoning home.  If you have XP Home and the annoying pop ups about program crashes that want to contact Microsoft... guess what?   That was in the old days a "Blue Screen of Death."  Only thing I ever loved about NT 4.0 and to an extent w2k is when you go "Control Alt Delete" you can stop a program instantly and then go back into the program and it would work just fine.  Many times in XP Home as in Windows 98 it is "Control Alt Delete" "End Task" over and over till you finally reboot the computer anyway.

Why Microsoft unleased an NT Operating system on men, women and children was crazy.  If you buy a computer with XP, better make sure you get all the disks for the operating system and software that is on your computer!  With HP and probably others if you have XP you have NO CD ROMS of anything!

I will tell you what the Microsoft tech could not say... XP Home is garbage! don't buy it!  But it is your money and not taking our advise always makes us more money.

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