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Windows Palladium or Better Called "Big Brother"

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You see, Microsoft is working on a secret weapon called "Palladium". Palladium is heralded as a way to make your
 computer safer and more secure than ever. You'll never have to worry about spam, you'll never have to worry
 about viruses, and you'll never have to worry about anything! Unless you worry about personal freedom. Check
 out this insightful article about Palladium by a well known and respected academic security analyst.
 Total control over all copyrighted material? Hey, that sounds great to me. That means no one will ever be able to
 steal my books, newsletters, or anything. I just set the code up so that it won't copy to any computer, or even
 make a second copy on yours! I'll make maybe 10-15% more $ per year. That's certainly worth a little loss of
 freedom, isn't it? Windows XP already is gearing up for the Digital Rights Management (DRM) lockdown, with
 spyware and scumware that will be introduced for the Windows Media Player in the near future. For you history
 buffs out there, Windows XP is computerdom's Weimar Republic (and the EULA the treaty of Versailles). Palladium
 is what comes next.

 But I'll bet one whole dollar no one will care. And among those who care, you won't be able to do anything about
 it. Palladium and government will tightly control what you can put on your PC and what you can even say to
 others using a computer and computer networks. They'll promise you safety, reliability and security. What do you
 think? Does it matter? Is Palladium a good thing? Will you continue to use a computer when you can't copy files
 any longer? When the government tells Intel and AMD how to make chips? When you go to prison for having a
 text file on your computer that someone doesn't like?

 ..and you'll tell your grandchildren about how cool it was that you could copy music to a computer in the "olden

Comments from ISC:
Have you ever had a computer crash or lose a hardrive?

With 98, 1-2 hour fix by ISC
With Palladium .... 8-10 hour fix
Do you have any software you did not register or is pass the 30 try period?
With 98, you keep it as it is.
With Palladium, it will delete ALL of it for you or report you to Big Brother Microsoft.
Do you have pirated software like the over priced Micro$oft Office?
With 98, you keep it.
With Palladium ... you are going to jail!
Do you want compatiblity with additional hardware?
With 98, 99.9% of all hardware will work.
With Palladium as with all new operating system and all NT platforms .... forget it.
Do you want to buy a new computer every 3 years or upgrade your present one?
With 98 or Win 2000 easy to do, less expensive.
With Palladium, new operating system for sure with any hardware change.
Did you know that the most expensive piece of your new computer if you order it with Windows XP Pro or Windows Big Brother next year will be the operating system!!


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