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30 Years In Business - 30 Years Experience with Computers - 25 Years with Networks & Security
The oldest system builder in the area, maybe in the state!
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Network Cost Estimate
Dated Material
With 18 years on the network side of computers, many extras and configurations will be added but not discussed here. If you want the best and most reasonable in the area, you found them. We set up all our networks to be very low maintenance. In most cases except for the once or twice a year server updates you may never need to see us after initial setup.
FOR peer to peer (10 users maximum, 20 in low traffic enviroments is best case scenario): FOR dedicated server system (3+ users):
    Estimates are high so you can give to the bank. Most Novell or Linux networks could be configured here and shipped to your business, should you find you are paying way too much in your area for networking. We could train your Administrator over the phone and through the web for typical server and user maintenance and upkeep. Since all Industry Standard Computers are made of compatible parts, you would never need to ship computers back to us for repair, your Administrator could replace parts on site. We can discuss secondary servers and specialized backups for 365 / 24 hour a day businesses.

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