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30 Years In Business - 30 Years Experience with Computers - 25 Years with Networks & Security
The oldest system builder in the area, maybe in the state!
Best Labor Rate in the Area, $25 Shop, $40 Outside

Rough Repair Prices
($25 per hour in the shop, $40 in house,  $40 for networking. Lowest labor rates in the area, probably the State.)

If you have been paying more than these prices below... If you have been paying more that $35 per hour... See you next time!  If it is not worth fixing, we will tell you, not spend your money!  Remember we are not a 10-4:30 computer store. If your server needs fixed at 4:45 PM on Friday afternoon and it takes till 8:00 AM Saturday, it will be fixed! (An actual service call.)

Restore Windows on previously built ISC computer $25-35.  Non - ISC computers $35-75.  All attempts with be made to save personal documents, email, bookmarks, pictures and music.

Replace old hardrive with new present standard sized hardrive (500 gb at present) and copy everything over to new hardrive $100-125.

Replace blow hardrive with new and new operating system.  $110-135  (If you do not a have legal copy of Windows or an Windows Upgrade copy add $145 or more for Windows 8 Pro.)

Add network interface card for cable internet or DSL. $15

Rebuild two computers into one better with no additional parts. This happens a lot, one blows some major part and we take it from the other one. $25-50

Replace Power Supply with 400 Watt AMD, Intel P4 rated.  $40

Rebuild your computer into new mid tower case with 400 Watt power supply for those of you who have under-rated power supplies in all micro mini tower cases. (Compaq Presario, HP Pavilions, Dell small footprints) $100

Add 22X DVD-RW to present computer, depends on ending configuration & special cabling. $30

To convert XP Home or Windows Vista to Windows XP.  Including purchase of Windows. $175-$200 (If it is a laptop, conversion is probably impossible... should have bought your laptop here.)

Add McAfee Antivirus with 1 year of updates to any hardware replacement. $40

Shipping Directions:  You may have kept your original computer box.  If it contains at least 4 inches of foam from the computer to its outside walls you can use that box to ship your computer here.  Second choice is, if your computer will fit inside your original monitor box. Leave the original syrofoam insert in the bottom of the box for stablility and place your computer on some form of sponge rubber about 2 inches (cheap carpet matting is great) and surround the sides and top with large bubble bubble wrap or sponge rubber. Tape all edges of the outside box so it will not be able to twist or bend. When you are done, the box should be able to withstand the 6 foot drops that UPS or Fedex might be giving to it.

Note: The prices here are what are typical for 95% of all computers coming into the shop for repair. Price always subject to change without notice. List was compiled November 2008. Parts like the 160 gb and 18X DVDRW with become 250 gb and Blu Ray in time for the same price.

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