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How Safe is Your Network?

If you were behind one of our "Firewall content Filtering Servers" you would get a page that says simply "Filtered" in very small print in the upper left hand corner or a completely blank page.  Something similar is a 100% good score or a Grade A on the test.  If you believe all the Windows programs in the world can protect you from the evils of the Internet you are badly mistaken.

TEST BANK ONE -- Spyware blacklisted web sites. ALL access should be denied. .com  . http://www.e-bates .com  . http://www.screensavers .com .

Spyware blacklisted by some but not all.  ALL access should be denied just for extra safety.
 gator .com  . findonline .com  . bestoffernetworks .com

TEST BANK TWO - Advertisers.  To have effective spyware blocking you also have to have advertisement blocking.
view.atdmt .com  . ad.doubleclick .net  . casalemedia .com . ads.pointroll .com

TEST BANK THREE -- Blacklisted SCAM or Phishing sites.
spywareremover .org  . theuseful .com . eurocentralunion .com

TEST BANK FOUR - PORN blacklisted sites.
atkingdom .com .

Artistic (?) Nude sites or might as well be nude sites; should be caught by keywording.
stuffmagazine .com . domai .com

pogo .com . ohiolottery .com

Now it is time for you to get real protection...

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