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ISC's Firewall Content Filtering Server Cost:

Cost break down for Small Businesses:
In time saved vs. employee costs the system in the first year pays for itself for 3 years!  In one new car dealership our system saves them $15,000 per year.

Look around your business and go through the History of you Internet browsers. See how many instant messenger programs are active. Look at the quantity of email put in the trash every day. Then call us to save money!!

If you think of this like leasing a car you have the idea. So much down, so much per year. End of 3-5 yrs. get new upgrade.

Set up expenses:

Annual Expenses: (These prices will vary depending on type of business. Number of computers, amount of Internet usage, and individual custom configurations and number of active servers running.  Our largest network so far is 32 computers. )

If you tried to use Windows programing to equal our system...
The Adult filtering software on our Firewall Filtering Server is $650 per year.
Spyware / Adware lists and software to maintain them per work station $75-200 per year.
Secondary virus program and local firewall for spyware $50 per station per year.
You will still need our Blacklists at about $350 per year.
Windows 2003 server $1500 plus $500 configuration and about $35 per user. Cost for 10 user for 3 years to compare to above low ball estimate $5300.  (We know of 2 companies about $30,000 spent so far to do the Microsoft thing and they still have virus & spyware problems.)

Future cost of continuing with our service:
Upgrade the whole system in 3 years based on current pricing... $135
New server ... doubtful.  Or for maintenance sake replace tired hard drive with new about $70.

99% of the settings inside the computer can be done "on the fly" from any Internet browser. (Mozilla based is required for best configuration and a free SSH program that we supply.)

We have had 3 instances of Spyware getting through our "Firewall content Filtering Servers" in over 5 years!!!  (2 because the local virus program was not active to stop the download trojans that brought in the spywares.)  No virus infection that required a visit from us to fix.  We haven't seen a quarantined file in years on any workstation or server computer. A  few people have downloaded games that contained adware imbedded in game from places like Yahoo. Nothing can protect you from "people who know everything about everything."  (Every business before the installation our "Firewall content Filtering Server" was plagued by spywares and viruses on a regular basis. Not any more!)

Hey we are honest here are the side effects of having such great protection... more.
If you are currently a customer behind our "Firewall content Filtering Server" and missed the information meetings click here.

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