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ISC's Firewall Content Filtering Server:

More on SPAM....
If you have 5 employees at $8 per hour spending 15 minutes a day going through junk email.... that is $2600 per year.

If you get 200 SPAM a day you pay for our managed firewall solution every year forever by saving wasted company productivity.

If you stop a single virus from getting through to one computer that is a savings of at least $50.

If you stop one employee from doing "adult things" or "ebaying" or "online gambling" then you just paid for your ISC content Filtering Server! These are the largest additive waste of companies' good money.

If you stop just one piece of 'network aware' spyware or virus then you just paid for your ISC content Filtering Server!

Your employees spend hours and hours per year looking at advertisements on company approved web sites. is a real good example. More and more advertisers are becoming spyware & adware vendors. How long does it take to close a pop up advertisement?  1000?  10,000?  I think you see how quickly our Firewall content Filtering Server pays for itself.

General SPAM Tests:
We have two email accounts, our normal email and a spam account that catches garbage using the best commercially available system in operation that we have ever found. ($25,000 per server if you are interested.)

We downloaded 300 messages from the SPAM account.  We used Norton Internet Security spam detector on the 300 and it gave a 45% spam tagging. The other account it gave about the same 45% "false positives" tagging over a three day period.

Then we used our filtering server and Norton together:
267 were marked and filtered as SPAM by ISC's Filtering Server.
10 were viruses that were cleaned by ISC's Filtering Server.
23 or 8% got through unchecked by ISC's Filtering Server (except all possibly dangerous attachments were stripped off.)
10 of the 23 Norton labeled that were missed by our server.

We recently did the test on a normal email account that is plagued by SPAM...
143 emails total
5 appears legit (newsletters, vendor products)
9 not labeled as SPAM but were
NO "false positives"
Bottom line 92% effective with no legit emails put in the trash.  NO Windows program can ever achieve this!!

Your results will vary depending on how much SPAM you currently receive, how long you have been using the same email address, how long you have had your email address published on various web sites, and if you use Micro$oft Outlook or Outlook Express or use

We have had no spyware infections in any business or home that was clean when our Firewall content Filtering Server was placed into service in over 4 years of deployment. No virus infection that required a visit from us to fix.

Hey we are honest here are the side effects of having such great protection... more.

Now for the upfront cost before you start saving money. Click here.

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