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Facts for Libraries... Card Catalog:

What is the name of your software and its general use?
"Private Web" is a simple software (423k total) that restricts all internet use to an "approved" list only. It comes installed on ISC's Firewall content Filtering Server.

About how much money does it really cost?
A typical library, $100 per location including your custom program module. That's it!

Why so cheap, our other software or hardware costs us almost that much per computer?
KISS method; Keep It Simple Stupid. The software is simple, the methods are simple.

Will the Card Catalog computers ever need "adult filtering" software?
Never.  No one can surf to any site not even "MSN" unless you authorize it. They can not download anything unless it comes from an "approved" site.  The software allows "one click through" from authorized web site to a second web site. Example you can go to Windows Update, download all the updates from over 10 other microsoft backend sites but never go to

What do the updates cost per year?
We do not plan to abandon this project and will make future upgrades. For sure until the next Micro$oft Windows or unless Micro$oft does something weird, the present system has no expiration.

How long is Industry Standard Computers in our pockets?
We hope that we can continue to assist your needs but there are no contracts or commitments.

How long will it take to convert a public computer to a card catalog computer only?  (The proxy setting in IE has to be changed and the home page, 1 minute and computer re-locked down or frozen.

Can we share with our friends?
NO.  Everything on's Firewall content Filtering Servers are copyright with all rights reserved. All software is leased not purchased.

Does "Private Web" interfere with other Windows functions or software like the Adult Filtering Software and various other "restrictive software?

We have a simple Java "Accept Policy" module too for a click here agreement for your patrons.

A Kiosk program that validates library cards then allows the user time limited internet access with reports & administrative tools.

A locked down working clone of Windows XP Pro with multiple profiles for installation onto any public terminal.  (Deep Freeze option.) Requires legal usable COA for XP serial number and individual computer drivers.  (Note: HP/Compaq, E-Machine & most Dells has no such item.)

Antivirus Server to better manage Windows antivirus deploy and problems.

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