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Industry Standard Computers
St. Clairsville, Ohio
(740) 695-1520
Lowest labor rates in the area $25 shop, $40 outside.
37 Years In Business - 37 Years Experience with Computers - 32 Years with Networks & Security

The oldest system builder in the area, maybe in the state! 
In the past 37 years, we have watched over 100 area computer businesses go under, many national chains, and we are still here.

We do NOT service or sale any Apple products or Cell Phones!
We do NOT replace screens on laptops!

No one can beat our prices on Custom Built PC's with the same quality!
Same goes for Gaming Machines.
Our computers have consistently lasted our average customers 7-10 years for the past 20 years.

You don't have enough money to pay us to build you a Window HOME version computer we don't sell JUNK!
Intel i3 (1% of our customer purchase)
Intel i5 (95% of our customers purchase)
Intel i7 or i9 with $300+ Nvidia video card for Gaming (3%)
AMD or Intel (1% of our customer)

Current Pricing.

Security Advice or Information

  • If you had read the License Agreement on your HP or Compaq computer you would know they "remove DATA from your computer" and you agreed to let them! Data can be your usernames and passwords.
  • If you don't believe every word you say is not recorded by your Apple phone and probably other Apple or Amazon or Google devices, you are delusional.

Older Website (dated information).