Must not have rebuild, used, or previously sold parts of any kind.

Computer must be delivered and set up at our facility. It must be tied into our network initially. We will give specs for our in house network and user names.

Processor must be better than or equal to 6 MHz, high cache chip. Processor must be AMD Athlon or Intel Pentium. Processor must be one commonly available.

The case must be mini or mid tower standard ATX form factor configuration and must contain one extra external 5.25 inch bay and one extra external 3.5 inch, no smaller than 8 inches width and 12.5 inches high and 300 watt or better power supply.

The motherboard must not contain on-board RAM, video, or modem. In common terms it is to be "non-integrated." ATX form factor with 1 standard serial ports, 4+ USB ports, one parallel port with SPP or ECP or EPP abilities, 2 PS2 connections, dual IDE channels, 4 slots minimum (PCI, AGP), SATA, two or more memory slots, 1 PCI Express slot.

In the final configuration the motherboard must have at least 2 open PCI slots, at least one memory slot empty.

Video card must be major brand with web sites for downloads of current or improved drivers and have 128 megabytes of memory or better.

Hard drive must be 7200 RPM or better, must be 80 gigabyte or better. Must be standard 3.5" form factor. Must be Seagate or Western Digital.

DDR2 or DDR3 memory; 1 GB minimum.

DVDRW must be 18X or faster ISO 9001 compliant. Must be able to read CDRW disks.

Network interface card must be major brand.

Preinstalled Windows XP, Vista Business purchased, with all current patches, updates, service packs, with the CD  ROM / DVD, book and Certificate or Label of Authenticity from Microsoft.